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Color + Abstraction

Color + Abstraction

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Julie Mehretu, Frank Bowling, Donald Judd, Howard Hodgkin, Ellsworth Kelly, Richard Serra, Damien Hirst, Joan Miró, Anish Kapoor, Cecily Brown

Color + Abstraction is a group show that explores the possibilities of color and abstraction in modern and contemporary art. Masters of abstraction, like surrealist Joan Miró and abstract expressionist Frank Bowling, are well known for storytelling through the use of abstract figures and obscured visual references. These artworks do not depict recognizable scenes or objects, but instead are made up of forms and colors that exist for their own expressive sake. Minimalists Ellsworth Kelly and Anish Kapoor are colorists that create bold impactful artworks through the thoughtful use of vibrant colors. These works can be characterized by extreme simplicity of form and a deliberate lack of expressive content. When paired together these artists present beautifully lyrical works that allow the viewer to interpret the artworks for themselves. We have decided to exhibit these works together at a time of information overload as a way for you to ingest and translate at your own pace for enjoyment and respite.

Image: Serra and Mehretu installed along with other abstract works from the gallery collection 

1 Bowling-Pouring-Website[2][1][2] - Alb

Frank Bowling (Guyanese, b. 1934)
Pouring Over 2 Morrison Boys & 2 Maps I
, 2019 Polymergravure with blockprinting
45 15/16 x 29 1/8 in. 

Cecily Brown (British, b. 1969)

Untitled, 2018

Monotype in oil on Lanaquarelle paper

43 x 31 in. 

2 CB1352[1][3][1] - Albert Sanford.jpg

Mehretu and Brown on view at the gallery


Damien Hirst (British, b. 1965)
There's More to Life than Making Jam and Having Kids, 2002 
36 x 28 in. 

Howard Hodgkin (British, 1932-2017)
Eclipse, 2016-17 
Hand-painted carborundum relief from two plates
22 1/8 x 30 in. 

4 Hodgkin - Albert Sanford.png
5 JuddRed[1]_edited-1 - Albert Sanford.j

Donald Judd (American, 1928 - 1994)
Untitled 11-L (Cat. Rais. #58), 1961/1969 
Woodcut printed in cadmium red on cartridge paper
30 1/4 x 21 3/4 in. 

Anish Kapoor (British, b.1954)
Breathing Blue, 2017 
Suite of 10 etchings 
28 1/2 x 37 3/4 in. each 

6 Breathing Blue 4 - Albert Sanford.png
7 Kelly-Blue and Yellow and Red-Orange -

Ellsworth Kelly (American, 1923-2015)
Blue and Yellow and Red-Orange, 1964-65 
35 1/8 x 23 1/2 in. 

Julie Mehretu (Ethiopian-American, b. 1970)
Six Bardos: Last Breath, 2018 
50 1/4 x 73 1/4 in.

8 last breath[1][2][2] - Albert Sanford.
9 La Rame et la Roue[3] - Albert Sanford

Joan Miro (Spanish, 1893-1983)
LA RAME ET LA ROUE - book, litho and drawing, 1960 
Lithograph, pencil signed by the artist.

An artist’s proof apart from the edition of 75 impressions. Accompanied by a drawing an dedication by Miro and the poet to the editor, Fernand Mourlot.
7 3/4 x 5 3/4 in. 

Richard Serra (American, b. 1939)
Finally Finished IV, 2018 
74 1/2 x 60 in. 

10 serra FF IV[1] - Albert Sanford.jpg

Artist Biographies

Frank Bowling OBE, RA (b. 1934) was born in British Guiana and maintains studios in London and New York. For over five decades, his distinct painting practice has been defined by an integration of autobiography and postcolonial geopolitics into abstraction.

Cecily Brown (b. 1969) is a contemporary British painter. Characterized by overt sexual imagery and an Abstract Expressionist gestural style, Brown’s work has emerged some of the most influential of her generation. Her large-scale canvases often feature figures engaging in sexual acts under a veil of color.

Damien Hirst (b. 1965) is a British Conceptual artist known for his controversial take on beauty and found-art objects. Hirst was part of the Young British Artists movement that rose to prominence in the early 1990s.

Howard Hodgkin (1932-2017) became a prominent figure in British art in the 1970s. While his early compositions have a collaged geometric flatness, Hodgkin’s later work, including etchings and aquatint prints, has increasingly incorporated more complex fluid patterning.

Donald Judd (1928 - 1994) was an influential American artist known for his large-scale and unadorned sculptures. Judd sought autonomy and clarity for the constructed object and the space created by it, ultimately achieving a rigorously democratic presentation without compositional hierarchy. It created an outpouring of seemingly effervescent works that defied the term "minimalism". 

Anish Kapoor (b. 1954) is a British sculptor. His objects appear abstract, with Kapoor's intention to promote self-reflection made most obvious when using mirrored surfaces. He does not wish to present a prescriptive idea, but instead to create an environment within which people themselves can consider meaning. 

Ellsworth Kelly (1923-2015) was an American artist that had been a widely influential force in the post-war art world. He maintained a persistent focus on the dynamic relationships between shape, form and color. His subsequent layered reliefs, flat sculptures, and line drawings further challenged viewers' conceptions of space. 

Ethiopian-American artist Julie Mehretu's (b. 1970) extraordinarily grand scale works examine our communal connections with place and identity through abstracted landscapes rife with complexity. Her work considers the sociopolitical history of specific locations via multi-layered and wildly chaotic mark-making alluding to architecture, geography, topography, autobiography, and iconography. 

Joan Miró (1893-1983) was a Spanish painter, sculptor, and ceramicist born in Barcelona.
Earning international acclaim, his work has been interpreted as Surrealism, a sandbox for the subconscious mind, a re-creation of the childlike, and a manifestation of Catalan pride.

American artist Richard Serra’s (b. 1939) work, beginning in the late 1960s, has played a major role in advancing the tradition of modern abstract sculpture in the aftermath of Minimalism. His work draws new, widespread attention to sculpture's potential for experience by viewers in both physical and visual terms.

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