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Transpositions by James Kennedy


Transpositions by James Kennedy

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Indistinct tonal fields, impotent marks and gestures, lines with no beginning, lines with no end, unchartered boundaries and indeterminate colour.
Obdurate components held within a complex, non- specific, painting language.
In order to resolve the scattered dysfunction I have instinctively found ways of implementing
"systems" that help me unify and balance each surface, subsequently steering the
painting toward completion.

James Kennedy

Image: Transpositions IV / James Kennedy

stoney road.jpg

Exactingly specific in appearance and endlessly suggestive in affect.

These paintings are suggestive not definitive . They are not intended to convey particular information, nor look like anything but themselves.

Created by imagination and technical artistry, these spaces for the mind exist as independent presences for visual contemplation.

They remain engaging because they are based on four apparent and interdependent systems of image making. Their character reflects the unique process of their making

rather than a preexisting idea or external object. The complex process results in a rich visual experience that is orderly, balanced , and rhythmic.

-Excerpt from Spaces for the Mind and Eye by Miranda McClintic

crop1 Stoney Road- First- James-Kennedy-

James Kennedy

Transpositions (i)

58( h) x 40cm

Intaglio+ collagraph


James Kennedy

Transpositions (ii)

75(h)x 62cm
Intaglio and collagraph


copy 2 Stoney Road- First- James Kennedy
crop3 Stoney Road- First- James Kennedy_

James Kennedy

Transpositions (iii)

Intaglio + Collagraph

75(h) x 62cm


James Kennedy

Transpositions (iv)

Intaglio + collagraph

84(h) x 101cm


cover4 Stoney Road- First- SRP_J.Kennedy
5 Stoney Road- First- Kennedy painting

James Kennedy


Acrylic polymer on incised masonite

30(h) x 44cm


James Kennedy

Kennedys painting and prints address and explore a fascination with essential structures and arrangement, the forms, shapes and notation of music, mathematics, dance and architecture. Pattern recognition and manipulation are common themes and involve the resolution of space within an abstract vocabulary, in essence, solving spatial equations via the containment and dispersal of media.

James ( b. 1962) was born and educated in Ireland and the UK and has been a resident in the US since 2003.

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