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Jim Dine: Master Printmaker

 COVER JOn Novak- 5Print2 - Annie Burrow

Jim Dine: Master Printmaker

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Jim Dine, who is best known for his iconic images of hearts, robes and tools, has always been an innovative and engaged printmaker. Dine is very physically involved in the making of prints--often hand-painting, scratching and otherwise "leaving my tracks" as he said in an interview. We are presenting a special selection of prints spanning over 25 years in Dine's career featuring well-known motifs, "self-portraits", and abstract works. We are proud to have represented Jim Dine for many years and the gallery is currently showing a retrospective of his work entitled Essential Jim Dine.

Image: Jim Dine, Asleep with his Tools, Jim Dreams

1 Jonathan Novak- Jim Dine Tools - Annie

Jim Dine

Asleep with his Tools, Jim Dreams, 2018
Woodcut in black with extensive hand painting on five sheets of paper
Sheet (Overall): 72-3/4" x 139-3/4" (185 x 355 cm)
Each sheet: 72-3/4" x 28" (185 x 71 cm)
Edition of 7 (+ 2 AP)

Jim Dine

Pale Self, 1995
Cardboard relief and cardboard intaglio on Arches Cover White; cut and deckle edges
Sheet: 57-5/8" x 41-7/8" (146.4 x 106.4 cm)
Image: 53-1/4" x 39" (135.3 x 99.1 cm)
Edition of 40 (+ 8 AP)

2 Jon Novak- Jim Dine Pale Self High Res
3 Jon Novak- Jim Dine The Five Hammer Et

Jim Dine
The Five Hammer Etudes, 2007
Continuous soft ground and drypoint etching printed on 5 sheets of paper
Sheets overall: 29-5/8" x 100-3/4" (75.2 x 255.9 cm),
Image overall: 23-1/4" x 96-1/4" (59.1 x 244.5)
Edition of 11 (+ 2 AP)

Jim Dine

Painters and Poets in the French, 2017
28 color woodcut from 15 blocks on Fabriano Artistico 640 gsm paper
Sheet: 51-1/4" x 83-1/2" (130.4 x 212 cm)
Image: 45-3/4" x 79-1/4" (116.5 x 201 cm)
Edition of 13 (+ 3 AP)

4 Jonathan Novak- Jim Dine Painters and
5 Jonathan Novak -Jim Dine The Packing o

Jim Dine

The Packing of a Sea of Glass, 2015
Woodcut, three hand-applied collaged elements, power-tool abrasions and lacerations, and hand-painted acrylic on Hahnemuhle 350gm Off White paper
Sheet: 63" x 49" (160 x 124.5 cm)
Edition of 6 (no APs)

Jim Dine

Congo Boots, 2016
Woodcut with hand coloring on Japan Daitoku paper
Sheet: 66-3/4" x 49-3/4" (169.2 x 126.2 cm)
Edition of 10 (no APs)

6 Jon Novak- Jim Dine Congo Boots - Anni
7 Jon Novak- Jim Dine Two Poets Singing

Jim Dine

Two Poets Singing Beautifully, 2016
Etching and collograph on Bright White Hahnemuhle paper
Paper: 57-1/2" x 84-1/2" (146 x 214.6 cm)
Image: 52-3/4" x 80" (134 x 203.2 cm)
Edition of 12

Jim  Dine
Ghost Robe, 1992
Woodcut on Arches Cover White; cut edges
Sheet: 64-1/8" x 41-3/4" (162.9 x 106 cm)
Image: 60-3/4" x 40-3/4" (154.3 x 103.5 cm)
Edition of 12 (+ 5 AP)

8 Jonathan Novak Jim Dine Ghost Robe Hig
9 Jonathan Novak- Jim Dine The Bees and

Jim Dine
The Bees and their Merriment, 2017
Linoleum print and schminke oil wash on Gokung Korean GKP200
Sheet: 72-3/4" x 51" (184.6 x 129.4 cm)
Image: 70" x 48-1/2" (178 x 123.3 cm)
Edition of 13 (+ 1 AP)

Jim Dine

The Grand Carpet, 2008
Woodcut with copperplate, drypoint and monoprint on two sheets
Sheet (total): 51-13/16" x 80-7/8" (131.6 x 205.4 cm)
Image (total): 46-3/4" x 76-3/4" (118.7 x 194.9 cm)
Edition of 12 (+ 2 AP)

10 Jon Novak- Jim Dine The Grand Carpet

Jim Dine

Jim Dine was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1935. He studied at the University of Cincinnati during his senior year of high school, later earning his BFA at Ohio University in 1957. Dine moved to New York in 1959 where he became a key figure in the Happenings movement. His talent was quickly recognized, leading to his first solo exhibition was held at the Reuben Gallery, New York in 1960.
Although Dine’s prominence in the New York art scene led him to befriend Pop Art figures including Claes Oldenburg and Roy Lichtenstein, his works strayed from the traditional subjects typically associated with that movement. Instead, the everyday objects Dine incorporates into his art are often personal possessions, lending a powerful sense of autobiography to his works. His continual concentration on favorite items like robes, tools, and hearts has become his signature style.
In 1967 Dine moved to England with his family where he practiced the art of printmaking and drawing, for which he has become well known. After returning to the United States, figure drawing became Dine’s priority. During this period in his life he created many self-portraits, as well as intimate depictions of his wife, Nancy. In the 1980s Dine began producing sculptures; since then he has created many evocative sculptures in bronze, from table-top to monumental in size, including many of his iconic imagery: Venus, hearts, tools, portraits, seashells, parrots, apes and cats.
Dine has been given solo exhibitions at museums throughout Europe and the United States, including a major retrospective at the Whitney Museum of American Art in 1970, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in 1999, and the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. in 2004.

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