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Emanuel von Baeyer London

10 Works, 10 Years, 10 Catalogues

COVER EvB- Catalogues with chocolate - A

10 Works, 10 Years, 10 Catalogues

Antonius II Wierix, Rene Boyvin, Gruppe SPUR, Giovanni Battista Piranesi, Dominique Vivant Denon, Louis Bernard, Félix Buhot, Charles Turner, Paul Ferdinand Gachet, Auguste Renoir

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Emanuel von Baeyer London is proud to have been publishing dedicated catalogues for over 20 years. We have always produced catalogues with academic rigour and on a range of art historical topics of interest.

Preservation of the printed matter is important to us and for this reason our catalogues are only available in print, not online. They adorn bookshelves around the world and we are happy that they continue to be sources of reference for us and our colleagues.

For the IFPDA Online Viewing Room, we have made a selection of 10 works which have been published in our catalogues from the last 10 years on a variety of historical areas.

As the IFPDA is the largest and most well-known platform for commercial connoisseurship in the print world, we thought a celebration of print to be most fitting.

Image: Essential and Sense and Perception

Illuminated catalogue Photoshop.png
1- EvB- Artwork 1 (Wierix) (Illuminated)

Antonius II Wierix (1555/59 – Antwerp – 1604)
The Circumcision
Size of sheet: 19.7 x 28.8 cm
Engraving, touched with pen and brown ink

Parmagianion tree.png

Rene Boyvin (1525? – Angers – c.1582)
Susannah and the Elders, Engraving after Rosso Fiorentino (1494 Florence – 1540 Paris) or Lucca Penni (1500 Florence – 1556 Paris)
Size of sheet: 31.4 x 22.5 cm.
Two watermarks: Heraldic shield surmounted by ecclesiastical hat and tassels (6 on either side?) and an X-shaped emblem with perhaps two fasces, with letter A in the lower part of the X. Literature: R.-D. 3 (I/II (?); Bruce Davis, cat. no 68. Provenance: 17th-century initial and numbering in brown ink. (Not in Lugt).

2 EvB- Artwork 2 (Boyvin) (Parmagianino)

Ernst-Georg Kühle of Kühle und Mozer, our catalogue designers for over 20 years, working in the library of the Fondation Custodia, Paris.

Sense and Perception catalogue template.
3 EvB- Artwork 3 (Gruppe Spur) (Sense _

Gruppe SPUR
Die Spur, 1958
Size of sheets (support): 38 x 28 cm
Complete set of 12 etchings by Erwin Eisch, Lothar Fischer, Heimrad Prem, Dieter Rempt, Helmut Sturm and HP Zimmer. With texts by Franz Roh, Asger Jorn, Hans Platscheck and Conrad Westphal.
In brown paper folder, with imprint. Edition 3 of 30. Self-published by the artists.
Literature: Exh. Cat. In Girum Imus Nocte et Consumimur Igni – Die Situationistische Internationale (1957 – 1972), Utrecht and Basel, 2006/7, p. 121, p.108 ill.
Provenance: Franz Roh (1890 – 1965), Munich (author’s copy).

Wallach Catalogue Tree.png

Giovanni Battista Piranesi

(1720 Mogliano Veneto – 1778 Rome)
The Giant Wheel, 1749
Size of sheet: 55.5  ×  41 cm
Etching with engraving.
Literature: Hind 9; Robison 35 II./VII.; John Wilton Ely 34.
Provenance: Kornfeld und Klipstein, Berne, 11 June 1976, auction 158, lot 170, “Prachtvoller Frühdruck”.

4 EvB- Artwork 4(Piranesi) (Wallach) - A

View of Emanuel’s desk at his office in St. John’s Wood, London

Denon Catalogue Tree trunk.png
5 EvB- Artwork 5 (Denon) (Denon) - Alex

Dominique Vivant Denon (1747 Givry – 1825 Paris)
Denon en buste (Self-portrait in Profile) c. 1780
Size of sheet: 21.2 x 14.2 cm
Literature: I.F.F. 265; T.I.B. 150

Prints & Drawings (Red) Catalogue brick.

Louis Bernard (active in France and Holland at the end of the 17th century)
Messire Sebastien le Prestre de Vauban, c. 1675
Size of sheet: 32 x 21.4 cm.
Mezzotint, after François de Troy (1645 Toulouse – 1730 Paris).
Literature: Le Blanc 9; I.F.F. 9.
Provenance: Pierre II Mariette (1634 – 1716) Inscribed in ink verso: P. Mariette 1692. (Lugt 1789).

6 EvB- Artwork 6 (Bernard) (P+D Red) - A

Gregorios Michaludis of Farbanalyse Cologne, our catalogue producers with whom we have worked exclusively for over 20 years

Rare prints Catalogue Wood.png
7 EvB- Artwork 7 (Buhot) (Rare Prints of

Félix Buhot (1847 Valognes – 1898 Paris)
La tiare pontificale (The Papal Crown), 1888
Etching, drypoint and aquatint. Five working proofs
Size of sheets: 44 x 34.4 cm; 45.9 x 37.8 cm; 54.5 x 35.6 cm; 44.5 x 31.7 cm.
Literature: Bourcart / Goodfriend 173.

Portraits catalogue template 20 percent

Charles Turner (1780 – London – 1840)
Empress Elizabeth Alexeievna of Russia (born Louise Maria Auguste, Princess of Baden)
Mezzotint after Jean Laurent Mosnier. 1802
Size of sheet: 67.3 x 46.8 cm.
Literature: Whitman 504, (before I./V.) Illustrated.

8 Emanuel vB- Artwork 8 (Turner) (FP+RD)
Portraits catalogue wood.png
9 EvB- Artwork 9 (Gachet) (Portraits) -

Paul Ferdinand Gachet (1828 Lille – 1909 Auvers-sur-Oise)
Vincent van Gogh on his Deathbed
Unique working proof impression.
Etching and drypoint.
Size of sheet: 14.4 x 19.1 cm.
Signed with a monogram in the plate: R.v.P. and inscribed: Vincent van Gogh, 1890. Signed, dedicated and heavily annotated in brown ink by Gachet: : a mon ami Paquet – P Gachet.
Recto also annotated by Gachet with the same pen: „Le Peintre (Vincent) Van Gogh a son lit de mort (1890) Eauforte (1er Etat, d’apres le dessin original, par nature (Collection van Gogh a Lahaye) Epreuve tiree par l’auteur PGachet (signature)“ His collector mark next to it (Lugt 2807d)
Literature: Gachet fils, 55; IFF. 58; Susan Alyson Stein, Cézanne to Van Gogh. The Collection of Doctor Gachet, exhibition catalogue, Grand Palais, Paris/Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York/Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, New York 1999, pp 140 – 141.

Vollard Catalogue Bricks.png

Auguste Renoir (1841 Limoges - 1919 Cagnes sur Mer)
Femme nue couchée (Tournée à droite). Nude Woman Reclining. Facing right. (First Version). 1906.
Sheet size: 23.6 x 35.7 cm.
Literature: Not in Johnson (1944). Not in Johnson (1977). Delteil/Hyman 13 (I./ II.) Stella 13 (I./ II.).

10 EvB- Artwork 10 (Renoir) (Vollard) -

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